The Town of Estes Park and the Estes Park Economic Development Corporation (Estes Park EDC) are creating an economic development strategy for the Estes Valley.  The purpose of the strategic plan is to set the course for generating long-term economic prosperity in Estes Park and our surrounding region.

We need your candid input to ensure that the resulting strategy reflects the needs and vision of our entire community.  Everyone with an interest in our region's future is invited to participate, including part-time residents or commuters.  Please encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to participate!

This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  Please fill out the survey even if you have participated in an interview or focus group with the consulting team.

The deadline for completing the survey is March 13, 2015.

Please note: All individual responses will be kept in strict confidentiality and viewed only by Avalanche Consulting.

To participate go to:  This link can also be found at under Hot Topics.

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