The Administrative Policies Manual contains required policies by law and those recommended by the Colorado Association of School Boards. Since Estes Park School District R-3 is led by a policy governance board of education, most policies in this manual are not formally adopted by the board, with exception of ones that must be adopted by law by the board.

The manual is organized according to the NEPN/NSBA policy classification system. Sections G, I, and J have the mority of policies since they center on the main functions of the district: personnel to provide the work, instruction to teach the students, and students who attend school.

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pdf File IA
Instructional Goals and Learning Objectives
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12.49 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IB
Academic Freedom
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10.63 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IC-ICA
School Year/School Calendar
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12.37 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IGA
Curriculum Development
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13.27 Kb 10/16/09
pdf File IGD
Curriculum Adoption
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12.06 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IGF
Curriculum Review
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67.71 Kb 06/27/12
pdf File IGF-R
Curriculum Review – Regulation
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26.85 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHAC
History and Civil Government Education
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12.08 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHACA
Law-Related Education
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11.15 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHAE
Physical Education
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12.15 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHAK
Character Education
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19.69 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHAM
Health Education
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14.19 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHAM-R

Family Life/Sex Education (Exemption Procedure) - Regulation

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61.36 Kb 11/10/14
pdf File IHAMA
Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco
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13.79 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHAMB
Family Life/Sex Education
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14.14 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHAMB-R
Family Life/Sex Education (Exemption Procedure) — Regulation
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20.88 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHAMC
HIV/AIDS Education
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13.58 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHAMC-R
HIV/AIDS Education (Exemption Procedure) — Regulation
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29.92 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHBA
Special Education Programs for Students with Disabilities
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15.44 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHBB
Gifted and Talented Education
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39.92 Kb 06/27/12
pdf File IHBD
Compensatory Education (Title1)
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11.50 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHBD-R
Parent Involvement in Education (Title 1) – Regulation
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20.97 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHBEA
English as a Second Language
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12.23 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHBF
Homebound Instruction
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40.92 Kb 06/27/12
pdf File IHBG
Home Schooling
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27.57 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHBIB
Primary/Pre-primary Education
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36.12 Kb 06/27/12
pdf File IHBIB-R
Primary/Pre-Primary Education — Regulation
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29.17 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IHBK

Preparation for Postsecondary & Workforce Success

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125.24 Kb 11/10/14
pdf File IHBK-R

Preparation for Postsecondary & Workforce Success - Regulation

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121.62 Kb 11/10/14
pdf File IHCDA
Postsecondary Options / Concurrent Enroolment
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39.36 Kb 01/31/11
pdf File IHCDA-R
Postsecondary Options/Concurrent Enrollment — Regulation
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11.02 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IJ
Instructional Resources and Materials
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14.58 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IJJ
Textbook Selection and Adoption
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15.82 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IJK
Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
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12.61 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IJL
Library Materials Selection and Adoption
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14.24 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IJNDA
Online Instruction
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15.56 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IJNDB
School Web Site Publishing
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25.85 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IJNDB-R
School Web Site Publishing — Regulation
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29.84 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IJOA
Field Trips
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15.74 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IJOA-E-1
Field Trips (Day) – Exhibit
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12.02 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IJOA-E-2
Field Trips - (Extended) - Exhibit
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64.42 Kb 10/16/09
pdf File IJOA-R
Field Trips — Regulation
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14.59 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IK
Academic Achievement
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33.64 Kb 01/31/11
pdf File IKA

Grading/Assessment Systems

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116.38 Kb 03/06/15
pdf File IKAB
Report Cards/Progress Reports
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11.38 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IKE
Ensuring All Students Meet Standards
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14.23 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IKE-R
Retention of Students – Exhibit
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16.45 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IKF
Graduation Requirements
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110.07 Kb 05/29/14
pdf File IKF

Graduation Requirements

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167.64 Kb 11/10/14
pdf File IKF-E-2
Application for Early Graduation
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40.93 Kb 03/30/11
pdf File IKFB
Graduation Exercises
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14.58 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IL
Evaluation of Instructional Program
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32.44 Kb 01/31/11
pdf File ILBA
District Assessments
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38.08 Kb 03/01/11
pdf File ILBB
State Program Assessments
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78.16 Kb 06/15/12
pdf File ILBC

Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension (Colorado READ Act)

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110.00 Kb 11/07/13
pdf File ILBC-R

Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension (Procedures to Implement the Colorado READ Act)

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129.38 Kb 03/06/15
pdf File IMA
Teaching Methods
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13.20 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IMB

Teaching about Controversial/Sensitive Issues

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71.79 Kb 11/25/14
pdf File IMB-E

Teaching about Controversial/Sensitive Issues - Exhibit

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21.88 Kb 11/25/14
pdf File IMB-E-1

Request To Approve Controversial Resource Materials-Exhibit

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87.28 Kb 11/25/14
pdf File IMB-R
Teaching about Controversial/Sensitive Issues – Regulation
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12.08 Kb 10/15/09
pdf File IMB-R-1

Request For Approval of Controversial Resource Materials Procedures-Regulation

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151.53 Kb 11/25/14
pdf File IMBB
Exemptions from Required Instruction
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12.39 Kb 10/16/09
pdf File IMD
Alternative Learning Program
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11.12 Kb 10/16/09
pdf File IMDA
Patriotic Exercises
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11.50 Kb 10/16/09
pdf File IMF
Flag Displays
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11.79 Kb 10/16/09
pdf File IML
Classroom Safety Instruction
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21.31 Kb 10/16/09